People dressed up in costumes, on stage after singing and dancing in the DrupalCon prenote


Celebrate Drupal brings us together

Volunteers in the community have put this website together to help share the excitement around Drupal and what it means to them.

We welcome everyone to join us and participate in celebrating today.

About the team

Meet the team of volunteers (ordered alphabetically by name) who have helped to bring this project to life.

Ashish Jain

Drupal Partner at AddWeb Solution profile of mr.ashishjain
Twitter profile of AshishjainMr

Baddý Sonja

CEO and Co-Founder of 1xINTERNET profile of baddysonja
Twitter profile of baddysonja

Christophe Jossart

Developer at Amazee Labs profile of colorfield
Twitter profile of colorfield

Dan Lemon

Developer at Amazee Labs profile of dan2k3k4
Twitter profile of dan2k3k4

Floris van Geel

Drupal Entrepreneur at 040Lab profile of idevit
Twitter profile of 040lab

Gábor Hojtsy

Drupal Initiative Coordinator at Acquia profile of gábor-hojtsy
Twitter profile of gaborhojtsy

Miro Michalicka

DevOps at jobiqo profile of mirom
Twitter profile of miromichalicka

Surabhi Gokte

Community Manager at Srijan Technologies profile of surabhi-gokte
Twitter profile of surabhigokte

Suzanne Dergacheva

Co-founder of Evolving Web profile of pixelite
Twitter profile of suzanne_kennedy

Zsofi Major

Business Developer at Cheppers profile of zsofimajor
Twitter profile of zsofimajor