Celebrate Drupal's 20th Birthday

Celebrate Drupal's Birthday

Creating the most innovative version of Drupal ever was no small task. It took the hard work of thousands of contributors from around the globe. So let’s take a moment to pause and celebrate together!

Join us and share your celebrations with the world!

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How to participate

We love Drupal, and we wanted to find a way to give everyone an opportunity to show the world how they celebrate the first remote conference: DrupalCon Global. Making it happen was a big task, and it is definitely worth sharing!

Show us how YOU celebrate!

We invite all of you to upload your videos and photos of the event. Show us what excites you the most about Drupal, tell us your stories, take a picture of your Drupal cookies, or perform and record a Drupal contribution song.


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Hello Drupal 9!

Congrats to our open source community and welcome to the world, Drupal9!

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Learning Drupal is like learning Surfing.

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